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Artwork Reproduction

Each Ron Belling artwork has been scanned in high resolution (600 ppi) at the full size of the original painting. This results in final image files of between 1 and 3 GB.

After scanning, each image is corrected by a retoucher to match the colour of the original painting as closely as possible. This is an exacting process that achieves an accuracy of greater than 95% when compared to the original.

Due to the high resolution of the scanning process, the detail and sharpness of the image are faithfully preserved.

All of Ron's paintings have been scanned for archival purposes and will be released as limited editions over time.

Aermacchi MB-326M Impala I of 6 Squaron over Sunday's River Mouth with detail enlargement of the cockpit on the right.

Original painting : 756 x 907 mm